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Think you haven't got time for self care?

I see so many people who put themselves right at the bottom of the list, everyone and everything else comes first and they are so busy attending to the needs of others, work, the tasks of everyday living etc that they don't have any time to even think of doing something for themselves and that tends to work for them - for a while at least!


Life has a way of throwing things at us when we least expect it and if we are so full up with dealing with other every one else's needs then we inevitably struggle when things hit a bit of a curve ball. This is where self care can really help and not just in times of crisis but as a regular practice so that we are able to handle the unexpected.


'But isn't taking time for me selfish' I hear so often and the simple answer is no, after all the saying goes ''you can't pour from an empty cup'. You need to be OK to be able to support others. Another thing I hear people say is that there 'isn't enough time' for self care but I suppose we have as much time as any one else, it's about what we chose to make a priority.

stress counselling self care

Or other people are very good at taking the time to book a spa day or go on holiday or a weekend away and whilst they are great things to be doing what about the rest of the year? A break away is all well and good but do you still check your emails, messages, social media, work phone etc?

So I am here to suggest a new approach to self care, do something small for yourself EVERYDAY! This could be to chose to wear an item of clothing you would normally save for best to work, wearing your favourite piece of jewellery, use your best china, treat yourself to a bubble bath, take 10 minutes to read a book, walk around the park in your lunch hour, light a scented candle, buy yourself a bunch of flowers -

it could be anything that you enjoy.

self care for stress in counselling

Then the more that we do for ourselves, the more we tell ourselves that we are worth it and then we can begin to say 'no' or 'not right now' when we are unable to do the things that are causing us to feel stressed / anxious / overwhelmed etc.

Remember - You can't pour from an empty cup!!

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