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Face to Face and Telephone Counselling


We all go through difficult times in our life.  Sometimes the feelings we have become too much.  That’s where Completely You counselling can help.

At Completely You we work with you to feel better about being you.  Maybe you are struggling with issues such as low self-esteem, low self-confidence, low self worth, assertiveness, imposter syndrome, anxiety, depression, perfectionism or a not feeling good enough.  

Maybe you are just finding life generally difficult at the moment and need an independent, safe and confidential space where you can really talk about what is troubling you.  

We work with you to help you respect and accept your feelings.  We help you to understand them so that you can see things more clearly. This safe space can help you find the answers to your problems.

We understand that coming to counselling and sharing your problems and feelings can be daunting and difficult, after all we may not get the opportunity to do this in every day life. We work with you to build trust so that this feels easier.

Although counselling can be a difficult journey it is also a very rewarding and empowering one where you can discover yourself and make any changes you wish, and we will walk beside you on this journey of self discovery.

We have comfortable and confidential counselling rooms in North Warwickshire where we can offer face to face sessions.  Some people find counselling over the phone more convenient and beneficial. Whether this be because you have difficulty travelling or prefer the anonymity that talking over the phone offers, we can accommodate this. 

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